Daycare worker caught on CCTV camera abusing four children

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Writer / June 07 2019

A daycare worker was caught on camera hitting, shaking and roughly handling several small children in her care.

Katherine Weitz, 65, was filmed abusing four toddlers 35 times in just 30 minutes, according to police.

The woman allegedly tossed and prodded the children, grabbed them roughly by their arms and legs to turn them over, and pushed them head-first into their cots, Metro UK reports.

The incident, which took place on May 23, has now seen Weitz arrested on suspicion of four counts of child abuse.

Her actions was uncovered after an office manager at the day care heard children crying.

She checked back through surveillance footage, saw what Weitz had done and called police.

“If [the children] would get back up, she would pick one up and violently shake them, she did this to several of the children,” said Keith Walker, from Ormond Beach Police Department.”

“To drop off your child in the care of somebody else to think that they’re going to be protected and when you find out about it, it’s disgusting.”

Ms Weitz claimed she had a headache and was having a bad day, and said she should not have come into work.

The parents of the children under her care at Dream City Academy in Ormond Beach, Florida, are adamant that she should not be allowed to work with children again.

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