Five-year-old boy is bullied for wearing nail polish at school - and his dad's reaction is EPIC

No-one expected this...

October 24 2018

When little Sam Gouveia, five, wore bright red nail polish to his school, his dad had no idea of the reaction it would cause.

And now, Aaron Gouveia, has taken to Twitter to vent his anger at bullies in his kindergarten class who reduced his son to tears because he chose to paint his nails.


Twitter/Daddy Files

Twitter/Daddy Files


Aaron, a father-of-three, showed the picture of Sam with the polish on his nails and explained,  ‘Sam is my middle child & he’s a terror. A ‘boy’s boy’ as so many (not me) would say. He’s rough and tumble, he’s loud, he’s always dirty, loves trucks, plays sports and knee drops me from the couch. But he also loves a lot of ‘girl’ things.’

These so-called ‘girl’ things include his collection of handbags which he uses to carry things around, and wearing nail polish because he thinks it’s ‘beautiful’.




Twitter/Daddy Files

Twitter/Daddy Files


He went to explain that Sam could see no problem with wearing nail varnish to school that day because he doesn't 'think anyone would have a problem with beautiful nails'.

'But his classmates did have a problem. A big one. Sam was ridiculed for being a boy with nail polish. They called him names and told him to take it off. This lasted the entire day,' explained Aaron.

'When my wife picked him up from school he collapsed into her arms and cried uncontrollably. He was devastated at how other kids turned on him, even his friends. He asked them to stop but that just made it worse. Only 1 kid stood up for him.'

He went to say, 'He called me at work, his words barely decipherable through the sobs, and I told him nothing those kids say matters. That his nails are BADASS! And the only thing that matters is whether he likes his nails. And then my heart broke… "Daddy, I want mommy to take off the nail polish so they don’t make fun of me.”

So Aaron went home and did the only thing he felt he could do in this situation... 

Twitter/Daddy Files

Twitter/Daddy Files


He painted his own nails!

Thankfully, the Gouveia family had plenty of encouragement and kind words for Sam on Twitter to help him realise this was not his problem in the slightest. He eventually decided to keep his bright nails after finding out that his favourite actor Chris Hemsworth also sported the look. 



Aaron hopes his words will help the parents of the kids who bullied Sam - and any other parents out there who don't teach their kids to acceptance. Now that his story has gone viral, we are sure they have!