Dad’s message is what every new mum wants to hear

He wrote a touching tribute to his wife.

April 07 2017

Sam, the dad behind the Instagram account, Haus of Twins wrote a touching tribute to his wife, reminding her that she's doing the “greatest job in the world” when it comes to raising their twin daughters, Cleo and Constance.

Sharing a picture of his wife and daughters, Sam wrote: "A few months ago, if you asked me to fit my whole world into one photo frame, It would have given me anxiety just thinking about where to start.

“But today, here you have it, my world in one photo. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not one to talk about feelings much. But since the arrival of my daughters, a switch has been flicked and they've opened up another part of me.”

Thinking about what he was going to say at his daughter’s upcoming christening, the dad decided he couldn’t wait to tell his wife how he was feeling.

“I sat her down and told her that they say you should marry someone who will make a good mother to your children..well, I think she's doing the greatest job in the world and told her that I'm definitely finding her in the next life and marrying her again.”