Couple SHOCKED when baby looks like an angry MARTIAN on ultrasound!


Content Editor / May 20 2019

A couple expecting their third child got a huge shock when a routine scan showed an image of their baby looking exactly like an alien.

Mum Laura was at risk of developing preeclampsia so had undergone several tests throughout her pregnancy.

Doctors found excess fluid on her baby’s brain so decided to perform a brain scan on her unborn son.

While the couple were told that the images would look a lot different than traditional 2D scans, Laura and her partner, Matthew, believed they would see a clear picture of their baby, but the images were not what they expected at all.

The Drs

The Drs

When they saw the MRI scan, the couple were initially in a state of shock, then burst out laughing.

“Then when we saw the picture I thought to myself ‘he doesn’t look too happy’ and burst out laughing,” said Mum Laura.

“When he looked up at me from that scan all I could see were those eyes, it looked like he was possessed.

“His dad straight away said he looked like a Martian from Mars Attacks!

The Drs

The Drs

Thankfully, baby Lucas was born happy and healthy, at which point the couple shared the MRI scan and it immediately went viral, even appearing on US TV show The Drs.

The Drs

The Drs

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