Couple have IVF baby paid for by Facebook group!

So sweet

January 04 2019

One couple received the best Christmas gift ever when a group of Mums paid for them to have a round of IVF so they could complete their family.

Marisha Chaplin, 26, and Jon Hibbs, 29, who met while undergoing cancer treatment, already have a daughter who was conceived through IVF but could not afford a second round, reports the BBC.

A group of mums on social media secretly raised £2000 ($3600) despite having never met the couple.

Ms Chaplin gave birth to the couple’s second daughter, Isla, just before Christmas.

"I messaged them on the Saturday morning when I was still pretty much out of it from all the drugs I had from the operation," she said.

"It's amazing, it really is. It's better than we ever imagined and we didn't think we would ever get to this point."

The ecstatic new mum said that her older daughter, Evie, was delighted with her new baby sister and that the family were “so grateful” for the generosity of strangers.

The couple met as teenagers when they were undergoing cancer treatment. Ms Chaplin knew that her cancer treatment would result in fertility issues.

“I was told by the time I was 23 my ovaries would give up,” she said. “At 16 my gynaecologist said ‘You need to try for children sooner rather than later if you want them’.”

When she fell pregnant with her daughter Evie, Ms Chaplin joined a Facebook group for mums expecting at the same time.

After raising the money last July, the members of the group made a video and shared it with the couple.

“We didn't ever think we had the chance to have another little one and the fact she's here is so surreal, ”Ms Chaplin said.

“Even when she came out we were like ‘Is that our baby? Is this real?’”