Strangers raise over $400,000 in four days for six-year-old's cancer treatment

We hope Ivy can now received the treatment she needs

October 28 2016

Ivy was diagnosed with a rare subtype of Leukemia in June 2013 and on October 5 this month, doctor’s discovered she had relapsed.


Sharing the devastating news on Facebook, Ivy’s mother wrote: “We have been told, in no uncertain terms, that the number one and best treatment option that could provide Ivy with the greatest possible chance of not only survival, but possible cure, is NOT currently available to Ivy within Australia, at all.


“Our ONLY option to access this treatment is to raise $400k and take to Ivy to America.”


Jenna asked everyone to share her plea, adding: “We need all of Australia to know the name, Ivy Steel.”


Ivy is currently in the Royal Children’s hospital in Melbourne recovering from chemo and preliminary test show some improvement.


“As a positive, the disease has shown such incredibly good response to the chemo that we has astonished us all,” wrote Jenna.


Before Ivy can receive treatment in the US she has to qualify. "Ivy will still need to undertake a number of treatments here in Melbourne over the coming months to ensure she is in the optimal position to meet the criteria and physically endure the procedure.


“Just knowing how truly exceptional the love and support the Australian public have for our girl is gives me the strength to keep fighting and face each challenge head on.


“Knowing that you have all got our back makes me more determine, stronger and ready to fight all the way.”