It's official! Kids inherit intelligence from mums NOT dads!

Sorry dads - there's science behind this!

October 09 2018

How many times have you claimed that your kid is super-clever because they've inherited your brilliant genes?

Yeah, we have to. 

But now, there is actual proof that children get their smarts directly from their mum, and science can prove it!





Studies show that the X chromosome is responsible for carrying intelligence. 

Women have two of these chromosomes (XX) and men have just one (XY) - so mums are twice as likely to pass down their intelligence to their babies. 

One study at the Medical Research Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in Scotland, even revealed that kids' IQs tend to be similar to their mothers'.

So there you have it! Next time your kid does something really amazing/clever/brilliant, you can claim it! And no-one can argue with science, right?

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