Candice Warner: “When David has his bad days, they are really bad”

The WAG gets candid about her family’s struggles

October 08 2018

Former professional ironwoman Candice Warner has opened up about how her husband David Warner is coping with the 12-month suspension after the ball tampering scandal.

Speaking on Channel 9’s Sports Sunday, Candice says that it has been “really tough” for David.

"When David has his bad days, they are really bad," the 33-year-old said. "But they are few and far between now.

"He's back playing cricket. He's playing for [Randwick] and he's loving that. That's helping with the whole process and just getting back out there.

"The supporters have been great. He played at Coogee Oval a few weeks ago and got a century. That meant a lot to him. It wasn't just a suburban century for him, it meant a lot."

When asked what was causing the bad days, the 33-year-old said there were a few different reasons why he was struggling.

"It's a mix of I want to be playing for my country, I've got no income coming in, I've got mortgages, I've got two kids, everything," she revealed.

"Everything that whether you're a sports star or whether you are an office worker you've got the same problems. And you have your bad days he has those."

When speaking about the fall-out after David’s public apology, Candice said it was hard on her family and she wouldn’t have wished it on anybody.

"The main thing for us was to be strong for our kids and for me, was to be a strong as I could for David," she said.

"As a mother that was my role and as a wife it was also my role to protect my family and I tried to do that as best as I could.”

David is currently around halfway through a one-year ban from national and international cricket for ball tampering in South Africa in March.