Cheese Challenge: Throwing cheese slices at your baby is new internet trend. Yes, really.

You couldn't actually make this up...

March 05 2019

A weird new viral challenge called the "Cheesed Challenge" or "Cheese Challenge" has taken off and it's as strange as its name...

The challenge involves parents filming themselves flinging a slice of cheese at their babies.


The trend started when Twitter user unclehxlmes shared a video with the caption “just cheesed my lil brother”.

He then admitted it WASN'T his little brother and he had just found the video online. 

“It was very invasive for the family and I would like to apologise,” he wrote in an apology, posted to Twitter.

“I deleted it because it genuinely got way out of hand,

“I have spoken to the child’s mother and explained why I have deleted it.”



But it was too late. Throwing a cheese slice at your baby is now a thing.

There are now countless videos appearing on Twitter this week showing people lobbing cheese at their oblivious little ones. 


And while some babies clearly find the whole experience funny...



Many others did not think it was as funny, saying that it was downright cruel to shock babies by throwing cheese in their faces when they weren't expecting it. 

"This is child cruelty," said one mum. "Exactly how or why is this funny?" 

"I think it's bullying. If someone did this to a random person in the street they would be arrested," said another. 

Another added: “I would love to throw some cheese in the lousy parents’ faces.”

In the same week that parents have been struggling to contend with the after-math of the Momo Challenge, it's clearly providing some light relief for many parents. But where will it stop?


What do you think of the #cheesechallenge?

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