Bride who wanted kid-free wedding explains why she kicked a family out

And people are on her side!

December 27 2018

Your wedding day is one of the most special times in your life, and generally guests are respectful of the wishes of the bride and groom.

However, one bride was put in the very awkward position of having to eject a young family from her wedding reception after they gate-crashed it despite her wishes to have a kid-free celebration.

Taking to Reddit, the new bride asked readers if she was being unreasonable, or if she was justified in her actions.

“To be clear, all my invitations stated that there were to be no children at this wedding,” she said. “But [a woman] and her husband showed up with their infant and toddler.”

The bride initially ignored the fact that they’d brought their kids at the wedding ceremony, believing they would probably hand the children off to a carer before the reception.

However, that’s not what happened.

“Anyway the reception rolls around… the couple comes and lo and behold they still have their children.

“Everyone was drinking and loud and rowdy and a crying child and another little one running around was not part of the plan,” she continued.

The woman sent her event planner over to request that they leave, and an argument broke out, with the bride having to intervene and reiterate that it was a kid-free wedding.

Things got heated and eventually the family left, however the bride felt bad that her wedding day was marred by the incident and worried that people would perceive her badly.

Readers on Reddit were very quick to side with the woman, however.

“I feel awful that a day that was meant to be the best of your life was tarnished by this event,” said one.

“Invitations are for the people named on the invitation,” replied another. “The only a**holes here were the parents who refused to be parents. If you can’t find a sitter you don’t go.”

What do you think?

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