UPDATE! Brendan Fevola reveals his baby's REAL name - and it's not Brenda!

He has set the record straight!

November 28 2018

YES! it was all a joke!

Brendan Fevola has set the record straight and revealed that his new little girl is definitely not called Brenda!

The whole thing was a joke played on his co-hosts on his Melbourne radio show Fifi, Fev and Byron.  

Speaking on the radio today, he said, 'Everyone has been calling me up and I didn't want to say the name...because you guys believed it but that's not her name!'

It turns out the whole thing was a joke to wind up co-host Fifi Box and a joke he'd been planning for months!

Baby Brenda's real name is... TOBI!






Speaking live on air this morning the former footballer said, 'About a month ago I decided to wind you all up by saying my baby was going to be called Brenda - and you believed it. I've had calls from everywhere asking me about it but it's not true.

'I can reveal that her name is actually Tobi. T-O-B-I and no middle name!'

So there we have it - no more baby Brenda. Shame.