Brendan Fevola's new baby's name causes meltdown!

Is this the start of a new trend?

November 28 2018

When Brendan Fevola announce that his wife had just given birth to a new beautiful baby girl, we're guessing that he wasn't expecting the reaction the new name has received!

Brendan and fiance Alex Fevola have named their new baby Brenda!

And it's caused quite a stir!


Hi World .... @alexfevolamakeup your a super human mumma ❤️ mum and baby are flying #love #family #daughters #itsagirlsworld
Hi World .... @alexfevolamakeup your a super human mumma ❤️ mum and baby are flying #love #family #daughters #itsagirlsworld


In the picture, shared to the Fifi, Fev & Byron radio show's Instagram, the 37-year-old said: "SHE IS HERE!!!!!! Welcome to the world little Brenda Fevola." 

Shortly after the birth, Brendan called into the Fox 101.9 Fifi, Fev & Byron radio show, telling his co-hosts that his daughter has "a huge head of hair" and looks just like him.

He gushed, "You should see how much hair she's got. It's amazing. She looks like me a bit...she's super cute."

The radio host added, "She's a little mini me. Little fat cheeks, she's so cute."

The doting dad continued, "(It's) the most amazing feeling of all time." 

Alex and Brenda already have two girls and Alex has an older child by another relationship. The couple were married, then divorced but reconciled and are now engaged to be married in 2019. 

Fans of Brendan are loving the fact he named his new little girl after himself and also that this could mean a resurgence in 1950s names making a comeback. 

'Is this a new baby name trend?' said one. "This might be the greatest name EVER,' said another. 

'Brendan - you are a legend,' gushed one fan. 'Baby Bren better love sport like her dad'

Lunch with this hottie @alexfevolamakeup photo cred @lenifevola #nobu #best
Lunch with this hottie @alexfevolamakeup photo cred @lenifevola #nobu #best

This isn't the first time a celebrity has used a baby name that was originally popular in the 1950s or 60s. 

Recently, UK comedian David Mitchell and his wife had a baby they named Barbara saying that they wanted to give her a name no other child would have at school. 

Perhaps that will be the case with little baby Brenda!

Congratulations- she is absolutely beautiful!