Wackiest Baby Names You'll Ever Hear

Reddit users share the weirdest names they've come across

July 15 2016

Thunder: "Middle name 'And Lightning,'" said Hak-Foo


Kimyonce: “Kimyonce. Her parent is apparently a fan of Beyoncé and the Kardashians,” saidPandaAttacks.


Kenisa: "I know a girl who's name is Kenisa because her parents are Ken and Denise," said RhodoBorrocks


Storm and Tempest: “I was once a school photographer and a parent named her twin daughters Storm and Tempest,” said Schmabadoop


Dolphin: “I was at the grocery store not too long ago, one older lady asked me what my baby’s name was, then said her grandson was the same age. I asked his name, she reluctantly said ‘Dolphin, but we call him Finn...’” said Mayflower7


Strawberry Rain: “My coworker named her baby ‘Strawberry Rain’ which would be a great name, if she’d given birth to a bottle of shampoo,” said Captainmagictrousers


Azmataq: “My daughter went to primary school with a boy called Azmataq [pronounced asthma attack],” said zuzu2010


Kleenex: “There was a German couple who were giving birth in the same ward where I was born (in Germany). They didn’t speak English, but wanted to give their daughter an American name. They settled on Kleenex,” said filthycommiepinko


Felanie: "I knew a 10 year old girl named Felanie. I don't think the mom thought that one through," said citezenraised1989