'I watch Logan fight every day': Brave mum reveals how her ex-husband shook their son causing severe brain damage

Mother and son are an inspiration

December 05 2018

A mum, whose ex-husband shook their baby at 11 months, causing him irreparable damage has shared her story.

Miranda Core penned a beautiful piece for Cafe Mom about how March 30, 2003 will always be a day she will never forget as it was the ‘last ever normal morning’ she would have again.

She reveals how she left her baby, Logan, with his father and her then-husband, Steven, and went to work at a nearby store.

Miranda describes how she finished her break and was confronted by the sight of Steven carrying their son through the doors of the shop. 

'(He) told me I had to come with him immediately. I raced out to the car, where I saw Logan, in his car seat covered in vomit, and turning blue,’ she said. ‘As I was taking in the scene before me, I heard that phrase, ‘you gotta believe me, I didn’t do it.’ We raced up the street to our local hospital where I was quickly ushered into an ambulance with Logan and we were transported to a larger hospital.





She recalls then how Logan started to have seizures and he started gasping for breath in the ambulance. 

But Miranda’s world was about to hit rock bottom when she arrived at the hospital and social workers began asking questions and she realised her poor innocent baby had been shaken by his father.

‘There was a meeting with a group of specialists who informed me that Logan suffered from shaken baby syndrome, that he was the worst case they had ever seen, and that they did not know if he would survive. When they said this, everything inside of me shattered. I could not wrap my head around the fact that someone would intentionally cause such harm to an innocent child,’ Miranda revealed.

Steven was later arrested and formally charged with felony abuse and Miranda immediately filed for divorce while little Logan fought for his life in intensive care.


Miranda Core/Facebook

Miranda Core/Facebook


A year later Steven was found guilty of felony abuse and sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment, but after nine years he was released early and Miranda bravely agreed to meet him.

‘Many people disagreed with my decision to meet, but I had not spoken to him since the day he was escorted out of the hospital by authorities and closure was something I was looking for. Steven passed away in May 2018, and as I watch Logan fight every day, I find that forgiveness is something I still struggle with.’

Today Logan is 16 and suffers from a severe form of uncontrollable progressive epilepsy. He also is blind and suffers from cerebral palsy and is wheelchair bound, but he has an amazing personality.





"Despite everything he has been through, he is a very happy child," says Miranda. "With a megawatt smile that can light up a room, and a quick "hey" for everyone he meets. He has a wicked sense of humor, and like most teenage boys, thinks that anything gross is hilarious, with fart noises being at the top of the list of hilarious sounds. While his speech and skills are limited, he has no trouble getting his point across, and boy is he stubborn at times and loves to argue with people. 

 Miranda re-married and has a daughter named Marley who is now five. Today she helps raise awareness for Shaken Baby Syndrome and the dangerous effects it can cause.

You can join Logan's Facebook group here and read Miranda's full-story here.

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