Why newly separated conjoined twins can’t stop doing THIS!

So sweet

November 15 2018

Formerly conjoined twins Nima and Dawa have had surgery to separate them and are recovering well, however they still want to be close and intertwine their legs together all the time.

The 15-month-old Bhutanese girls went through a six-hour surgery last week, conducted by a team of 18 medical staff.

Surgeon Dr Joe Crameri said in a statement that the surgery went well and the girls are doing fine.

“Like any surgical pathway, there have been a few bumps in the road and there are a few bumps we're still smoothing out … [but] we're making good progress at the current time,” he said.

Nima and Dawa before their surgery

Nima and Dawa before their surgery

Nurse coordinator Kellie Smith said the twins still wanted to be physically close to one another after the separation surgery.

“We did initially try and have them in two beds, but they didn't like that at all, so they're in the one bed together and just happy playing with one another, and it's actually beautiful to see,” she said.

“We try to have them a little bit apart, but they manage to bum shuffle back together and have their legs intertwined, always,” she said.

The girls are expected to remain in hospital for a while, but Dr Crameri couldn't say at this point when they'd return to Kilmore to recover or home to Bhutan.