Look how she's grown! Baby who was the size of a chocolate bar at birth goes home for Christmas!

She's doing so well...

December 11 2018

A premature baby girl who was born at 22 weeks, and was the size of a chocolate bar, has defied all odds and will make it home in time for Christmas!

Sussie Bea Patrick was born five months ago, weighing just one pound and one ounce when her mum, Jodie Marrin, was 22 weeks and four days into her pregnancy.

The 36-year-old mum and her 38-year-old partner Lee Patrick were told to expect to worst. Doctors said baby Sussie would have “no quality of life” if she did survive.

But the couple are now preparing to bring their little bub home in time to celebrate Christmas - five months later!


Lee Patrick

Lee Patrick


Sussie's mum and dad rushed to the hospital on June 27 after mum Jodie didn’t feel well. Soon after she gave birth.

Dad Patrick told The Mirror: “They said she wouldn’t be breathing for long and might not look like we expected.

“They said they would let us be together as a family.

“She came out and gave a little whimper so they started working on her.”

For the next three and a half months Marrin and Patrick lived in Ronald McDonald House as Sussie grew stronger.


Lee Patrick

Lee Patrick


Now, the little girl will be home in time for her family's huge Christmas celebration! 

Happy Christmas!