This Aussie mum’s MEGA Chocolate Tower has stopped the Internet

... and you won’t believe her secret trick!

November 05 2018

Aussie mum Marie ‘Phoodie’ Phitidis is a fan favourite for her amazing chocolate recipes and epic cakes - who can forget her memorable Tim Tam Wedding Cake!?

Well it looks like she’s done it again with her Chocolate Tower Cake. Just look at this mega mountain of all your favourite chocolate bars?!?! SO amazing.


But while it looks like a feat of engineering baking brilliance, Phoodie used a clever hack to make her masterpiece - polystyrene blocks! In fact, the ‘cake’ doesn’t have any cake at all, just a whole lots of your favourite chocolate bars!

‘It’s a 'cake' involving no real cake, but a “cake” that looked like a cake, made purely from chocolate bars (and non-edible structural items),’ she reveals.


Phoodie reveals she made Chocolate Tower as a raffle prize for her child’s school, using 200 chocolate bars for the process.

‘The great thing about this ‘cake’ is that the concept can be applied to any size of tower, utilising any amount of chocolate bars that you want to use,’ Phoodie reveals. ‘Mine had 6 distinct layers and used almost 200 bars of chocolate but you could easily do a 2 layer one using 30 or 40 chocolate bars to save on cost, time, and storage space!’

To get the full instructions on how to build Phoodie’s epic Chocolate Tower, head to her website, And don’t forget to follow her on Facebook  

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