'I'm ADDICTED to being a surrogate mum'

She's happy to keep going as long as she can

September 11 2018

Could you dedicate your life to being a surrogate mum?

This mum claims she is addicted to being a surrogate mum and has vowed to give away her babies 'forever'.

Rachel Westbury, currently 34 weeks pregnant, has revealed that while she isn't the most maternal mum in the world, she loves having babies and helping other people out with surrogate babies. 

So far she’s had four children, including twins, for other couples, and also has a 13-year-old son.

Rachel is the biological mum of all the babies she carried.

'I'm not the most maternal of people,' she told the TV show This Morning in the UK. 'I love my son with all my heart but I'm not maternal really.'

This Morning

This Morning

Asked if she found it hard to give up her biological child to another couple, Rachel admitted that she felt it was her calling to be a surrogate mum

“The journey wasn't for me to have another baby,' she said. 'It was always going to be their baby so in your head you kind of detach yourself away from it.

'I didn't know how I was going to react at the end but I've got the best friends and family around me and support and once you hand the babies over its nothing like it.

'If I could I'd do it forever, but I think my friends and family would disown me because of me being moany. I am addicted to that feeling of helping people.'

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