$7 Kmart food hack sparks vicious war of words amongst mums

‘It’s not going to kill you. Our world is full of sooks.’

Contributor, Practical Parenting / November 21 2019


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But it wasn’t long before her post attracted a wave of criticism, with concerned mums questioning whether the plastic storage container was considered food safe. 

Says one: ‘Tackle boxes are not food safe. The plastic can leech into food and be detrimental to your health. Of course you are not going to get sick immediately but over time. If you want to take the risk then go for it. If you don’t, then don’t put your food in take box. Each to their own.’

Added another: ‘Scientists have learnt since then that BPA is likely one of the reasons why kids are moving into puberty early along with a range of other things like linking it to cancer. I reckon the idea is great, but I am glad that someone raised the BPA concern because sometimes I forget and I imagine some people might not know the risks.’

Meanwhile others questioned whether such foods were suitable for a long trip in the heat. 

‘How are you keeping them cold? Because 5 minutes out of a fridge and in the hot car will be yuck.’

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook


But Tara was not taking the criticism lying down, telling the group’s followers: ‘WE ARE ALL PERFECTLY HEALTHY WE WEREN’T KILLED.’

She explained: ‘It was in the esky until we were hungry, so it WAS FOOD SAFE, AND KEPT COLD.

‘Everyone is fine and healthy no sickness from here. Obviously you wash before you put the food into the containers.’

But while one mum stated that she didn’t believe Tara understood ‘what we mean in terms of being safe for food storage’, others jumped to her defence. 

‘This society has honestly turned into snowflakes. Back when my mother was younger they never had BPA this and vegan this and that. Just shows,’ said one.

Another added: ‘Okay, what the heck is food safe? Really! I’m sure this momma is not going to to do anything to harm her babies!! I would definitely do this with my 3 year and 11 month old. 

‘Is it safe to drive a car and risk having a car accident? Is it safe to take your kids to daycare and rush them getting sick from another child?? We do things everyday that aren’t ‘safe’ so why are there so many ‘safe police’ on here?’

Said a third: ‘It’s not going to kill you. Our world is full of sooks.’

Others loved the idea, but said they were also sympathetic to the need to be more mindful regarding BPA free plastic. 

‘I wouldn’t care if it was for myself, but if it’s for my kid I always try to get BPA free plastic,’ said one. 

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