You can get paid hundreds of dollars to eat just ONE avocado a day!

Love an avo? Researchers want YOU!

September 10 2018

Want to lose weight? Think avocados are expensive? Now you can actually get paid to eat them - and it should help your weight-loss journey!

Yep, researchers in the US are offering participants around $350 to consume an avocado a day over a period of six months to see if it will help them lose weight.

One thousand lucky participants get to take part in the Habitual Diet and Avocado Trial study and you can either eat one avocado a day for six months or just two a month in the same period.

 “HAT is a research project aimed to answer the question whether eating an avocado every day impacts energy balance and metabolism. There are four Universities participating in this trial: Tufts University, Loma Linda University, Pennsylvania State University, and UCLA,” the website states.



The two groups will be tested to see which one loses more visceral fat which is held around your waist.

Avocados are not only delicious and perfect on toast, but they are full of good fats which are said to lower the cholesterol and potentially decrease visceral fat.


The study is (of course) funded by Hass Avocados, yet Joan insists that the financial backers will not sway the results of the study.

'For the last 20 years, we have been doing dietary intervention studies on plant-based foods and nuts. We are rigorous in our selection of projects,” he said.

 So, eat avocados, lose weight and get paid? Where do we sign up!


Faye James is a regular contributor at New Idea, WHO and Practical Parenting and works across health, beauty, celebrity and royal content. She has over 20 years of experience spanning across the UK, Middle East and Australia.

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