Woman SLAMMED for wearing a WHITE bridal dress to son's wedding


Content Editor / May 08 2019

Everyone knows that wearing a white gown is a massive no-no when it comes to wedding guest dress etiquette.

However, one mother of the groom clearly didn’t get the memo, because not only did she wear white, she donned a bridal-style fishtail dress.

The blonde woman was pictured in a strapless bridal dress posing between two bridesmaids, and easily could have been mistaken for the bride.

Mother-In-Law (left) and bride (right)

Mother-In-Law (left) and bride (right)

The image was shared to a Facebook group about wedding shaming, along with the caption: “You guys, this is my husband’s aunt at her son’s wedding. Lady, TF are you doing?!”

What made it even stranger was the fact that is was VERY similar in style to the bride’s dress.

People were quick to comment on the massively inappropriate dress.

“I’d have ‘accidentally’ spilt wine on her and mashed cake into her dress. Sorry sis. You’re rainbow now,” wrote one person.

“She wore the same silhouette as the bride too. Mess. She’s hot and literally could have worn anything else,” said another.

“How f*cking unhinged do you have to be to dress like a bride at your SON’S wedding?” added a third.

Some even suggested she should have been told to leave the wedding celebration.

What do you think?

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