‘I saved $600!’ Aussie bride uses $3 Aldi product to clean her filthy wedding dress

... and she’s very happy with the results!

Contributor, Practical Parenting / December 04 2019


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Well one Aussie bride has come up with a novel way to give make her wedding gown as good as new - and she did it using a $3.79 Aldi cleaning product. Sharing her story on the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, Jac reveals that she transformed her wedding dress using Aldi’s Di-San Laundry Soaker after receiving a enormous $600 quote to clean her gown.

She writes: ‘I had an epically large flouncy gown that had a train at the back. We had our reception at a winery cellar door so the bottom of the train had all sorts of black dust, also grass stains and some goose poo from the winery grounds. 

‘I was quoted $600 to dry clean. I got married 5 years ago and haven't been able to reconcile parting with that much money. A bit of Sard stick, ALDI Di San soaker powder and a handwash cycle in my washing machine and she's a different dress. There is still a small amount of black marks on the bottom but I decided to do this late in the day and didn't leave it to soak very long. ‘The only issue was some very minor damage to a mesh covering over the corset back from the claws of the crystas (which actually already had a bit of damage to it so no big drama there. Over all, very pleased. She can go back into the wardrobe now to live out her days cleanly.’


Photos shared by Jac to the group show the amazing transformation, with the grass and goose poo stains disappearing from the gorgeous gown - and her story encouraged other brides to give it a go. 

‘Oh wow I have to try this. We got married on a golf course 10 years ago. Still couldn’t part with the $ to clean it,’ said one. Added another: ‘Thank you! I'm contemplating with cleaning mine myself. I can't bare to part with large amounts of money for something I can do myself!’


Said a third: ‘I feel inspired! My dress is filthy and going on 6 years now, I just haven’t known what to do with it! Thank you!’

Said one more: ‘You did a great job. I used to work for a Dry Cleaner and we used to wash a lot of the Wedding dresses. You need to store it in a box lined with acid free tissue paper and it will stay like that.’

Love it!

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