Woman tells neighbours she plans to have a home birth on shared rooftop

“We will of course clean up after ourselves”

November 08 2018

A Queensland woman was surprised, confused and annoyed when a neighbour posted a note saying she and her partner planned to use the communal rooftop area in their apartment building to birth their baby.

Upon discovering the note, the woman took to social media to ask if she was being unreasonable, but saying she was “about five seconds from flipping a desk and writing an angry email to our building manager.”

“Like most city apartments we have a communal rooftop barbecue area,” she wrote.

“You can't ‘book’ it as such but most people will leave notes in the lift and let the building manager know if they are using the space for a party. But I think this is ridiculous.”

The note read: “'Dear lovely neighbours, just wanting to inform you my partner and I have booked the rooftop for our natural home birth from approximately 1pm till late on the 10th of this month.

“We will do our best to keep the noise levels down and will of course clean up after ourselves. Any issues please feel free to contact me.”

Communal areas can be used so long as they don’t ‘impede on the peace and recreational use of other residents.’

Many social media users thought it was a dangerous and selfish proposition.

“Honestly in an environment like that it shouldn't be encouraged. What if both the lifts fail? Does she think they'll fly a helicopter in to get her out?” one person wrote.

“This is ridiculous! But also I would not be surprised if your very entitled neighbour is dead set on having a home birth on a communal rooftop,” another added.

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