"I can never trust this mother again"

Woman is shocked when a teen party goes very wrong

October 31 2018

A mum has taken to UK forum Mumsnet to ask readers what she should do about another mother who lied to her after a teen party went wrong.

“My daughter went to a party at a friend’s house on Friday,” she wrote. “We sent her in a taxi to her friends and booked a taxi back at 11pm for her to return home she's 16yrs old.”

Just before 12am, the mother received a phone call from the friend’s mum, saying it was too late to send her daughter home in the taxi and would it be ok if she just stayed the night.

The woman reluctantly agreed to the change of plans, but when she called her daughter in the morning a different story emerged…

“My [daughter] reluctantly admits she was so drunk she blacked out, was passed out for over an hour in the bathroom...didn't know how she got to bed, had 17 missed calls from her boyfriend and numerous other things she was unclear about,” she wrote.

“I was upset...not completely about my DD1 being drunk....yeah it's not ideal but it happens and it's really hard for a parent to control other people’s children and what they sneakily do...

“It was the bloomin lies and the making me feel like a bad parent for allowing my child to travel home in a taxi...it was the fact that she didn't tell me the truth that she didn't want to [send her] home because my child, under her care had become so drunk that she was too scared [to] send her home in a taxi!

"[My daughter] still wants to be friends with this girl but I can't trust this mother."

People were quick to comment, agreeing that the mother of the girl having the party had clearly done the wrong thing and couldn’t be trusted.

“It was essentially a cover up attempt and could have ended very badly,” wrote one.

“Sometimes we have to put the care of our kids in the hands of other people, but passed out drunk for an hour needs someone to call for medical help. It's bad enough that none of her friends called for that help, but the fact the so-called responsible adult didn't call for it is just ridiculous,” added another.

“The mother had no right to hide your DD’s condition from you. If your daughter was unwell she should have informed you and let you decide what to do,” said another. “ I wouldn’t trust the mother again, and would let her know in no uncertain terms what I thought of her behavior.”

What would you do?