William gives Meghan cold shoulder – watch the video here!

Oh dear...

December 28 2018

While rumours of a rift between the “fab four” royal power couples have been rife of late, all seemed to be forgiven at the Christmas service at Sandringham.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle appeared friendly and chatty, and it seemed as though all was well.

However, some fans and even body language experts noticed that there was no eye contact, conversation or communication of any kind between Prince William and Prince Harry, who are normally very close.

And in another twist, video footage has emerged on the Daily Mail of Prince William appearing to give Meghan Markle the cold shoulder.

As she turns to speak with him, he looks away and starts fiddling with his scarf excessively. Eventually wife Kate steps in between them and smiles at Meghan.

Rumours of a feud first surfaced when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they were moving out of Kensington Palace to live in Frogmore House in Windsor.

Whatever is going on, hopefully they can put their differences aside for everyone’s sake.