Wife's Gumtree ad to sell her beloved Pandora bracelet, after she finds hubby CHEATING is AMAZING!

Don't mess with a woman!

January 06 2019

An angry wife, from Melbourne, has slammed her husband by selling her beloved Pandora bracelet on Gumtree - and revealing EXACTLY why!

The woman, who is offering the jewellery for $350, blasted the husband for cheating on her during the description of the item, as she says "trinkets don't pay for betrayal".


She wrote on the site, "I'm selling the Pandora bracelet that my ex-husband thoughtfully put together for me while he lied to me throughout our marriage. It turns out that pretty trinkets don't pay for betrayal."



The woman then goes on to outline EXACTLY which charms she has on the bracelet and her descriptions reveal more about their marriage - which is now very clearly over. 


• Safety chain with 14ct yellow gold hearts - designed to keep the bracelet together better than our marriage.

• Hippo - not that this represented me. The stress he caused me helped me to lose lots of weight.

• Chick - like the babies he was trying to force me to have because he wanted babies before he was 30 and wouldn't entertain the discussion about what I wanted.

• Limited edition teddy bear with 14ct yellow gold heart - much like the limited nature of his trustworthiness.





She added that he cheated on her for a long while, saying that the heart charm with a gold arrow symbolises “the pain in my heart when I found out about the lies. And then again, when I found out how long they’d been going on for”.

She compares the "limited edition" teddy bear charm to the "limited nature of his trustworthiness".

On another charm she notes was called "forever together" to which she wrote "apparently not".

In a more sinister twist in the product description she also implies that her ex-husband could be violent, describing the time he threw a scotch glass in her direction because a man approached her.

Anyone wishing to purchase the bracelet can pay for it with cash or PayPal because "apparently tears of my enemy is not a legitimate payment type".

Fortunately for the woman who remains un-named, the bracelet, she is "very good condition" and she is too, following the divorce. 

The bracelet is still for sale, although we're not quite sure who would want to buy it, but we're glad she's moved on and away from the marriage!

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