Wife puts her husband up for sale on EBAY for $29 after disastrous family Christmas


December 30 2018

We all know the Christmas season can be stressful for families... especially when you end up spending so much time together over just a few days.

But one German woman decided that this year was all a bit too much for her and she chose to end things with her husband in a very unusual way!

The 40-year-old put her husband up for sale on eBay for just $29, saying that she’s sick of his negativity and has realised they don’t belong together. 




And if $29 sounds too steep, the Hamburg woman - who goes by the name Dorte L - said she’d be happy to negotiate on price. 

'Over the first two days of Christmas I have realised that we simply don't belong together any more,’ she wrote. ‘I would like to give up my husband. I am happy to negotiate the price. But no exchange. Please send me inquiries over email.' 

She added that the husband could be ‘road tested’ on Boxing Day, choosing the price in question as it’s her ‘lucky number’.

'The advert was very well received,’ she told a local newspaper. 
‘I got a lot of positive feedback and someone sent me a lot of smiley emoticons. I didn't want to make a drama out of it at all. It was just for some amusement.'

And if you’re wondering what her husband thought of being put up for sale on eBay, he said he didn’t even realise until he read it in the local paper. 

Doesn't that just say it all!?

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