What we learned about Emma and Lachy’s relationship last night...

And it kind of broke our hearts…

September 17 2018

Did you see last night’s Australian Story TV show about Emma Watkins from The Wiggles?

The show was about how Emma struggled to keep up with The Wiggles hectic touring schedule while battling endometriosis (it was one of the worst cases her doctor had ever seen) and the breakdown of her marriage. But aside from that, there were clues about what REALLY happened to everyone’s favourite Wiggles couple, Emma and Lachy.


Emma and Lachy/Wiggles

Emma and Lachy/Wiggles

It’s clear that Emma is an amazing entertainer who fights pain and chronic tiredness every single day but what was even more heartbreaking was just how much Lachy loves her.

There was one point where he said, ‘We're very different, Emma and I. We’re very … I think I'm the more romantic one. She’s very much down the line and she just … she’s got her own way of doing things’.

Tell us your heart didn't melt for him!

Lachy and Emma have remained the best of friends since they ended their two-year marriage last month. The couple had been living apart for the last six months but hadn’t told anyone – including their good friend Anthony Wiggle.

‘Emma and Lachy are really private; they keep it to themselves, their private life, and I never pry. I just go, "OK." Yeah,’ he said last night.

Lachy and Emma on their wedding day

Lachy and Emma on their wedding day


But it was obvious that for Lachy, the long hours they work and their touring commitments meant the relationship didn’t stand much of a chance.

‘There's not a lot of time in between to spend together outside Wiggles. It has all been all-consuming, and that's been a tricky thing to get right, I suppose,’ he said.

And didn't your heart just break for them...