WATCH HERE: The amazing moment when a baby delivers himself during a c-section!


Content Editor / February 06 2019

Doctors working on a patients c-section delivery of twin babies got a huge surprise when one twin delivered himself still in his sac!

Posting this amazing video on Facebook, Doctor Alissa Conklin from Lakefield Hospital in St Joseph, Michigan said it was “one of my most favourite deliveries in 10 years.”

“Sometimes we have the coolest jobs!! Twin c-section. While we’re enjoying delayed cord clamping for baby A, baby B decides he’s ready to come out and pretty much delivers himself!! En caul,” she wrote.

“And dances in his sac! Filled my bucket today.”

Throughout the procedure, you can hear medical professionals ooh-ing and aah-ing as the baby basically wriggles from mum’s tum into the outside world.

“He’s come out by himself!,” one exclaims.

Alissa Conklin/Facebook

Alissa Conklin/Facebook

Patting and rubbing him while he’s still in the sac, the doctors chat to him and reassure him, then laugh as he appears to stretch, wriggle and dance around.

“This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” says another. “So do we count this as birth time, or when he’s out of the sac?”

After a few moments, they then cut the sac to birth the baby. Just incredible!

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