Octomom’s kids are all grown up – look at them now!


Content Editor / July 02 2019

Back in 2009, Natalie Suleman gave birth to octuplets, and the family became headline news.

At the time “Octomom”, as she became known, already had six children, bringing her family to a grand total of 14.

Fast forward to 2019, and her octuplets are 10 years old and thriving, despite many hurdles along the way.

Natalie's octuplets with some of their siblings instagram.com/nataliesuleman/

Natalie's octuplets with some of their siblings instagram.com/nataliesuleman/

Once the money from various appearances and endorsements ran out, Natalie found herself turning to stripping, porn and boxing. She also had a brief stint in rehab for a dependency on alcohol and Xanax.

But she has put all that behind her, as she relates in an interview with the New York Times, and the family now live a quiet, healthy life in a modest two-bedroom home.

The 43-year-old is hugely proud of her brood, who are believed to be the only surviving octuplets in the world.

“They’re the only surviving eight octuplets in the history of mankind,” she says. “I’ve raised them to be wide-awake.”

The Octuplets instagram.com/nataliesuleman/

The Octuplets instagram.com/nataliesuleman/

The eight children, Noah, Jonah, Josiah, Makai, Nariyah, Maliyah, Jeremiah, and Isaiah eat healthy vegan meals, which they help cook.

They do their homework on time, and they’re very polite.

Natalie now works as a full-time counsellor, is a raw vegan and exercises regularly, in part to manage her bad back, which is a result of her pregnancy with the octuplets.

Natalie's modest home/Getty Images

Natalie's modest home/Getty Images

So what does a typical day look like for the family? Natalie says it starts at 6:20 and she does a whopping six separate pick-ups and drop-offs through the day in a battered van she calls “the dump truck.”

After school, the family focus on chores, cooking, cleaning and homework, then its bed by 8:30pm.

Saturday nights include TV and vegan treats, but outings with the whole family are a rarity, she says.

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