Wanted: Nutella taste-testers to live in Italy and work two days a week!

Yes, it's true. This is an actual job ad!

August 21 2018

Are you a Nutella lover who fancies living in Italy and taste-testing chocolate two days a week? Stupid question, right?

But it's happening!

This is the opportunity being offered by Nutella to fans of the choccie hazelnut spread by Ferrero who own the brand.

They want to employ 60 ‘non-professionals’ to taste test their products and live in Italy while they do it! No lie!

The job ad was published by Openjobmetis on behalf of the research department of Ferrero. 

The 60 new Nutella tasters, who get the amazing title of ‘sensory judges’, will need to work for two days a week (yes, that’s just two) at the company headquarters in Alba, Piedmont. And what experience do you need? Absolutely none. In fact, they’re looking for regular consumers who have no background in science or taste-testing!

The 60 lucky Nutella nuts will start work on September 30th with a three-month course to perfect their sense of taste and smell, and then they will start work on a special panel. Tough life, eh?

The contract is part time and, the ad states, "compatible with other jobs".

The only requirements are that candidates have no allergies and are familiar with using a computer.

Um… ok people, run don’t walk! We don’t have to tell the kids, do we?