WARNING TO PARENTS: Toddler killed after she put phone charger in her mouth while it was plugged into wall

This is so tragic

June 06 2019

A two-year-old girl was tragically electrocuted to death when she put the lead of a phone charger in her mouth while it was still plugged into the wall.

The toddler, from Jahangirabad, India, had been playing with the phone charger lead when the tragic accident occurred. 

Little Shevhar was visiting her grandparents with her mum, Razia, and had been left in a room to play. 

According to The Times of India, the child's mum had removed her phone from a charger nearby, but forgot to turn the switch off.

Shevhar grabbed the cord, put it into her mouth, but it was still plugged in.

Sadly, she was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. 

Parents have been urged to make sure they unplug chargers that are not being used, just in case babies or toddlers put them in their mouth while connected to the power supply. 


Stock shot/Getty Images

Stock shot/Getty Images

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