The ONE phrase you need to yell out if your child goes missing

It could save their life

September 03 2019

Every parent has felt that stomach-churning moment when their child disappears from sight and doesn’t come or answer when called.

With the recent news of a seven-year-old girl being abducted in Kmart, and the impending holiday season, it’s vital that parents and caregivers are as vigilant as possible.

Whether they’ve wandered off on their own, got lost in a crowd, or worst of all, been taken by someone, shouting out loudly what they look like and what they are wearing is the best way to raise an alarm.

In the UK, a four-year-old boy went missing on a Bournemouth beach in the UK, and as his panicked mum, Lucinda, began to call his name, a nearby army cadet approached her to help.

According to Jake's aunt Vicky Hamilton-Ross, the cadets used a very specific phrase to find the missing boy.

“’We are looking for a boy. He is four-years-old, blonde and in a red T-shirt. Have you seen him?’” they shouted repeatedly.

By describing Jake instantly rather than just shouting his name, the search started for the little boy instantly.

It also meant that if anyone had taken him, they would have a hard time leaving the location with him unnoticed, because everyone would be looking for a child of that description.

When Jake was found shortly after the search began, he said that a “bald man in a white t-shirt” had led him away with promises of showing him a rocket ship.

Jake’s family believe that the man heard the shouting and quickly fled, leaving Jake behind.

“Even if you suspect they are just around the corner, what's the worst that could happen, you are slightly embarrassed because they hadn't gone anywhere? It's well worth that risk,” Jake's aunt said.

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