The new baby name trend dividing parents

Is there anything wrong with it?

October 11 2018

A poster on popular forum Mumsnet has asked other parents what they think about so-called ‘themed’ monikers, such as the Kardashian girls all being given names which begin with ‘K.’

Sisters. Photo: @makeupbymario
Sisters. Photo: @makeupbymario

Other themes could include floral names, movie names or even futuristic names!

“My children both begin with E. I went to school with kids who began with V, Vincent and his triplet sisters, Verity, Valeria and Veronica,” she wrote.

“A friend has children with gem themes. Girls are Ruby and Pearl, boys are Lennox and Topaz.”

“What do you think?” she asked.

The poster received a very mixed bag of comments, with many parents saying they disliked the concept.

“I think a theme is pretty naff, to be honest. Especially if you end up calling a boy Topaz, just to fit the theme,” one wrote.

“A very obvious theme is tacky,” said another.

Some said they didn’t mind if all the names started with the same letter, however. 

“Names starting with the same letter is completely different from having a theme,” said one.

Imagining how the children might feel about it as adults was another big consideration, many posters said.

“DH, his dad and his brother all have names beginning with the same letter,” wrote one woman.

“DH and BIL both hate it and are passionately against the next generation having the same. I think its partly the annoyance of not knowing who mail is for but also an identity/individuality thing.”

What do you think?