Stacking and storing plastic containers hack

Say goodbye to messy drawers.

October 08 2019

In this week’s Better Home Hacks, Better Homes & Gardens’ Dora Papas shares her tips for organising food storage containers in the kitchen cupboard or drawer so you’ll never be left with mismatched plastic containers  again.

“You’re just a few steps away from having those neatly organised plastic containers you’ve always dreamt about,” she says.

To start, Dora says to work out which lid goes with which container and put them together.

Then, get all of the same sized containers and stack them, putting the lids inside.

“Take another large container and put your already-made stacks inside,” she says. “This might take a bit of puzzle work.”

When that’s done, store the lids inside the smaller containers or on the side of the big container.

“Store your big container in the cupboard and say goodbye to messy plastic containers,” she says.

Originally published as Stacking and storing plastic containers hack