'Guardian Angel' son saves mother's life by not feeding on her right nipple

The 37-year-old discovered she had breast cancer.

July 08 2019

A mother has revealed to her son the crazy story of how he saved her life when he was only 14-months-old.

As a toddler, Dougie Carr refused to take milk from mother Joanne Carr's right nipple.

The 37-year-old from Liverpool breastfed her son since the day he was born, but 14 months on and he started to refuse the milk from that nipple.

"He just wasn't interested anymore and he refused to feed on my right breast", said Joanne.

"He fed on the other one fine. I thought I might have a blocked duct or something. It was very strange."

It prompted Carr to get checked, where doctors found a pea-sized lump. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in her breast milk duct.

If it weren't for Dougie, her 'guardian angel', she says she never would have gotten checked.

"He saved my life, without a doubt. He's a little angel. The doctor says it's very strange what Dougie did.

"He must have known somehow. He was looking out for me. I know I wouldn't have checked if it wasn't for him. It's remarkable when you think about it."

Joanne who is a nurse herself gave birth to Dougie in April 2014 at Liverpool Women's Hospital. Now she is cancer free.

"I owe my life to him. It was a complete miracle. If I didn't have Dougie then I might never have found the lump," the mother-of-two said.

"He gets away with murder now, I spoil him rotten, I'd be lost without him."

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