GROSS! Shopper’s horror after finding THIS in his Coles barbecued chicken!

'Never buying one again'

June 11 2019

A shopper has taken to Facebook to reveal his shock after making a disturbing discovery in his Coles BBQ hot chook. 

Customer Barry says he doesn’t think he’ll be ‘buying a chicken from Coles ever again’ after finding what appears to be a long piece of string imbedded in the chook’s stuffing. 





Sharing a photo of the cut-up chicken, the large mass of string can clearly be seen to the naked eye. 

Other social media users were quick to share their horror over the image, with many suggesting that Barry return it to the store to request a refund. Coles are yet to reply to the man’s complaint, but we will update you their response when it comes to hand. 

The shock find follows on from another customer who recently found maggots in her Woolies hot chicken - after she’d fed it to her children. 

Posting a video of what appear to be maggots wriggling through the chicken to Facebook, the mum wrote:  'I fed my children this before I found the centre.'



This story first appeared on New Idea Food.


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