Guess which pop star's daughter is in Princess Eugenie's royal bridal party with George and Charlotte?

You won't believe this!

October 10 2018

You can't pick who knows who in royal and celebrity circles, but who knew the royals would invite a pop star's daughter to be a flower girl?

Princess Eugenie and her husband-to-be Jack Brooksbank are getting married tomorrow in Windsor - at the same place where Prince Harry married Meghan Markle





The happy couple have announced their bridal party, which will of course feature Prince George and Princess Charlotte as page boy and flower girl, but who knew that Eugenie and Jack were friends with Robbie Williams and would ask his daughter Theodora to be their flower girl!

Apparently six-year-old Theodora, who is affectionately known as Teddy, and her famous dad are great friends with Eugenie and have been for years. The ex-Take That star and his wife Ayda Field are also best friends with Eugenie's mum Sarah Ferguson and her sister Beatrice. Teddy is the eldest of Robbie's three children - a big sister to Charlie and Coco. 

Robbie Williams guards Teddy's privacy very carefully and never shows her face on social media, but here's what we know about her. 

Teddy loves to play the piano - is she performing at the wedding reception?


Her famous dad credits her with turning his life around. After she was born he admitted, 'Everything has a purpose now whereas before, although I was always ambitious, I’d be floating around, whether it was brushing my teeth or receiving an award. And then Teddy arrives and I’m tethered to the planet.'



Teddy will join a high-flying list of royals in Princess Eugenie's bridal party.

The full list is: 

Savannah Philips, seven the eldest daughter of Autumn and Peter Phillips

Isla Philips, six, the youngest of the Phillips' daughters

Mia Tindall, four, the daughter of Zara Tindall and Mike Tindall

Maud Windsor, five and goddaughter of Princess Eugenie, and daughter of Lady Frederick Windsor and Lord Frederick Windsor.

Prince George, five,  

Louis de Givenchy, the six-year-old son of friend Olivier de Givenchy 

If Teddy is anything like her dad, we wonder who will be keeping all of them in check during the service? Good luck!