Savvy Aussie mum: How my pantry made me a millionaire

So clever!

October 21 2019


Realising I’d found a gap in the market, I built my own website so I could take payment and orders – and the business skyrocketed!

I called it Pretty Little Designs and expanded to include oil bottles, ordering 100 from China.

‘It’s such a big risk,’ I fretted to James. ‘What if they don’t sell?’

But they sold out before they even arrived.

Soon I was ordering 8000 bottles at a time!


‘I’ll have to take over the loft,’ I said to James.

So, we renovated the space, using half for my office and the other half for our products.

When we outgrew that, we rented a warehouse.

Incredibly, just two years on, my business turns over a million dollars a year.

It’s grown through word of mouth and by customers sharing photos of their organised pantries online.

Additionally, more people are becoming ecologically-minded. Instead of buying packaged food products, they’re taking my containers into stores to refill them.

I now have nine wonderful women working for me, and I work day and night to keep up with the demand.

Friends and family test new items and if they’re not exceptional, I don’t sell them.

Now, we’re continuing to expand our homeware range and even selling overseas.

The money has meant I can stay at home with the kids and we can pay off the mortgage quicker.

I’m proud of what we’ve achieved. I was just a mum at home with two kids, sharing my tips.

I still don’t get much sleep and ironically, I’ve been so busy I haven’t finished organising my own pantry!

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