Carey Mulligan: “Being a stay-at-home mum is too hard work”

Oscar nominee reveals why she’ll never quit acting

November 06 2018

Oscar nominated actress and mum of two Carey Mulligan has admitted she could never be a stay-at-home mum - because it's “too hard work”.

The 33-year-old was promoting her latest movie Wildlife on on BBC Radio Four's Woman's Hour, and said she would miss acting too much, describing it as a “vocation.”

Love these four together!!! #careymulligan #nyff
Love these four together!!! #careymulligan #nyff

BBC Radio Host Jane Garvey asked the actress if she’d ever consider quitting acting to be a full-time mum. “No, it’s too hard work,” the Great Gatsby star said. “It’s unbelievably hard work to be a stay-at-home-mum.

“But I’ve also always had, and I dread to use the word, I’ve always had a vocation to act and I love acting so much and so I would miss not working.”

Other than Carey- Jenna Fischer is my fav actress this image is blessed #careymulligan #jennafischer
Other than Carey- Jenna Fischer is my fav actress this image is blessed #careymulligan #jennafischer

Carey, who has two children with musician partner Marcus Mumford, said she was lucky to be able to spend time working but also had plenty of time at home with her children too.

“I’m so lucky to be able to do both but I can’t imagine not working, not acting anymore,” she said.

Carey also said that she realizes it is a “massive privilege” to be able to combine work and home life as she does, acknowledging that not all women are as fortunate, including within the film industry.

“You just do lose great crew members and production, directors, assistant directors - some amazing women - because they just can’t afford to stay in the industry.”