Mum Reviews: The new S-26 Original Toddler

Our MUMReview Crew® team and their toddlers share their verdict on the new S-26® Alula® Original Toddler milk drink.

Parenting Reviews Editor / May 30 2019

They tasted it. They smelt it. They drank it. They mixed it with brekkie cereal and they even smoothie-afied it! So what exactly did our MUMReview Crew® think about the new S-26® Alula® Original Toddler milk drink?

Here’s a wrap-up of our MUMReview Crew® verdicts…

The product

For toddlers aged 12-24 months, the new S-26® Alula® Original Toddler milk drink has been formulated specifically for active little people – and their growth and developmental needs. It’s ‘Simple Goodness with the Essentials!’

One serve of the nutritious milk drink provides 50% of the recommended dietary intake (RDI) for 10 age-appropriate vitamins and minerals to help support toddler’s growth and development. It is fortified with iron and zinc, with an energy level (271kJ/100mL) comparable to regular cow’s milk (avg. 277kJ/100mL) and it’s enriched with calcium and vitamin D for strong teeth and bones.*

* These assist when dietary intakes of energy and nutrients may be inadequate.


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How to use it

The S-26® Alula® Original Toddler milk drink can be used:

  • As a nutritious milk drink
  • Added to fruit for a delicious fruit smoothie
  • As a replacement to regular cow’s milk when preparing cereal, baking or cooking.

The panel

Practical Parenting sent the S-26® Alula® Original Toddler milk drink to a panel of 50 Australian-based mums with toddlers aged 12-24 months old. 

The feedback

Here’s what some of the Practical Parenting MUMReview Crew® mums loved about the S-26® Alula® Original Toddler milk drink.

  • It’s gently on the tummy

Some of our reviewers noted that other milk brands left their toddlers with gas and an upset tummy. However, the S-26® Alula® Original Toddler milk drink was gentle on their toddler’s tummy.

  • It tasted nice and smelt sweet

We particularly like the mum’s comment that the milk drink powder “smelt like Easter egg chocolate!” (That could be the vanilla flavour). Other mums mentioned that they were pleasantly surprised by the sweet and palatable taste, given the milk drink does not contain sucrose (table sugar).

  • It is nutrient packed

Many of our mum reviewers were impressed and commented on the amount of minerals and vitamins the S-26® Alula® Original Toddler milk drink contained. In particular, some mums mentioned this was reassuring during times were their toddler had been unwell and not eating a lot during the day,  and the milk drink they gave them before bed time was predominantly their only nutrient source.  

  • It’s easy to use

Some reviewers commented that the large level scoop provided in the 900g can was easy to use. Another mum commented that the milk drink powder was great for when ‘out and about’, as the powder formula allowed her to ‘make a fresh milk drink at the park or on the go.’

The Verdict

What our MUMReview Crew® reviewers said:

..."My son can be very fussy and regularly refuses meat and veggies so knowing he wouldn’t be going without was great! Perfect for my son as he slowly learns to like more foods. I would recommend to mums who have fussy toddlers, and want to make sure they are getting what their little bodies need!”
MUMReview Crew®
“After trying S-26® Alula® Original Toddler milk drink for my two-year-old, I would definitely recommend this to other families with active toddlers! Packed with vitamins and minerals I can be confident knowing my little one is still getting everything he needs. He’s always on the move now too so I’m also pleased to know that this drink provides him with the energy he needs to keep him going throughout day.”
MUMReview Crew®
“I use the [milk] in her weetbix and I found it helped keep her fuller for longer and she loved the taste. I have recommended this ... to all my friends and family as they also have fussy toddlers. I also found the S-26 so easy to measure and use would definitely buy and use again.”
MUMReview Crew®

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Franki Hobson is a women’s lifestyle journalist and editor with more than twenty years’ experience. Her areas of expertise include parenting and health and well-being. Franki has two gorgeous boys, Maxwell, 10, and Louis, 1 ½.