Queensland father stomps on baby over spilt milk.

He said she fell over.

September 20 2019


A Queensland father who can not be named for legal reasons has been charged to six years in jail after his violent attack on his baby daughter, reported Daily Mercury.

The then 13-month-old almost died when her father viciously stomped on her stomach as she had “spilt milk on herself”.

When taken to Lady Cliento Hospital the child had surgery to remove 57% of her lacerated pancreas. Medical staff said her injuries were so severe and believed they were consistent with a “high-speed car accident”. Both the mother and father gave conflicting reports to medical staff, claiming she has called from a walker and change table.

The man appeared at Brisbane District Court where Prosecutor Sandra Cupina said that the now 2-year-old will need assistance for the rest of her life to digest food.

"Without surgery, she would have died," Ms Cupina said.

The father who admitted to stomping on his daughter told police that he was angry that she had poured milk on herself.

"He commented that he didn't want to do it (stomp) too hard because he didn't want to hurt his foot," Ms Cupina said.

Defence barrister Adrian Braithwaite said his client was himself an abuse child and explained it was how he had “learnt to deal with situations”.

Chief Judge Kerry O’Brien said it was “no excuse” for the attack.

The father was sentences to six years in jail.



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