Angry Queensland Mum tries to kill young daughter

She is a former policewoman.

October 08 2019

Bribie Island Queensland. Image: Google Maps

Bribie Island Queensland. Image: Google Maps

She also felt trapped because she was financially dependent, having previously served as a police officer in her native South Africa, the Queensland Supreme Court was told on Tuesday.

Medicine-laced milkshake

Prosecutor Jodie Woodridge said the woman lured her daughter with a medicine-laced milkshake designed to dull her senses.

She then concocted a tale about the pair having a sleepover in the family's bathroom for fun.

The woman laid out a swag in the bathroom and once the girl was asleep she closed the window, closed the door and opened the gas bottle.

"When the (girl) woke up she heard a hissing sound and felt the air was moist," Woodridge said.

"(She) was dizzy ... her throat was sore and burning and her muscles were aching."

The girl asked her mother what the gas bottles were for.

"The defendant replied because 'I'm trying to kill you (girl) - I am trying to kill us'," Woodridge said.

The girl asked why but her mother didn't reply before shutting the valve on the bottle.

The woman, who pleaded guilty to attempted murder, will be sentenced on Tuesday and is expected to receive a lengthy jail term.

Originally published as Former policewoman, angry with husband, tried to kill young daughter with barbecue gas

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