Q&A with... Sophie Van Den Akker

This model mum loves staying fit and is refreshingly down to earth

Practical Parenting / July 12 2018

Q. How are you enjoying your second pregnancy? Is it different from the first time around?
A. The second time around has been an absolute dream, I keep reminding myself how lucky I am! It has been a beautiful experience this time around, to sit back and actually enjoy the journey! I felt the first time around I was anxious and nervous of the unknown. I love being pregnant; I feel an overall sense of calmness this time around!

Q. Are you craving any particular foods?
A. Pancakes! For breakfast lunch and dinner!! I love them, I have a special home-made Van Den Akker recipe that has been in our family for generations that are truly addictive.

Q. What’s been your funniest parenting moment so far?
A. The hardest thing for me is trying to tell Layla off without laughing at what she’s doing! The second funniest thing for me I can’t go past is the old poo explosion!! Nothing prepares you for this time and the universe certainly doesn’t care where or what you are doing. You have no choice but to laugh!

Q. What inspired you to launch your active wear line, Vault Active?
A. Living a fit and healthy lifestyle has always been important to me, I have always had a passion for activewear and felt this was a natural progression for me. I find it extremely rewarding. I love the creativity and the hard work behind the scenes. But most of all I love providing women a product to help them feel confident and empowered when wearing Vault Active.


Q. How do you manage to juggle the different roles you have?
A. Multi-tasking really is the key, I know us women say this all the time but it’s the truth! I find myself some days holding my daughter Layla, while on a conference call and tidying up at the same time. Anyone with a toddler knows the little tornados are constant, I absolutely love what I do, and for me it’s about time management, thinking outside the box and setting a good example.

Q. When you can squeeze in some ‘me-time’, how do you like to spend it?
A. It’s very rare for me to be able to squeeze in some ‘me-time’ but when I do get that odd opportunity I like to exercise, read a book or enjoy a meal with a girlfriend.

Q. What activities do you enjoy doing as a family?
A. Sundays are usually our family days where we will go for long walks or visit a petting zoo. Layla adores animals and I love the interaction she has with them! As a family we really put the effort in to make the time for one another and squeeze in as many activities’ as possible before the working week begins.

Q. Has it been harder to find time with your partner as a couple? Do you have regular date nights?
A. Recently my partner and I stayed at Crown Melbourne for the first time without Layla. For me it was wonderful to be able to just sit down and enjoy a meal together. You really take for granted the small things you did pre-kids.

Hang in there babe holidays are booked 🤣🤣🤣
Hang in there babe holidays are booked 🤣🤣🤣

Q. How do you make time for working out? What types of exercise do you like to do?
A. I go insane if I don’t have a physical outlet. Exercise has always been important to me for many reasons. This is something that I can make really fun by including Layla, if it means going for a run with Layla in my Baby Jogger or stretching it out at home! I’m lucky my partner is a professional boxer and adores to push and motivate me to do my best.

Q. What are your plans for the future?
A Big things! I have always loved to work hard and explore new opportunities. I have been in the fashion industry now for 14 years, I love the different paths it has taken me down. I have recently finished my Diploma in Community Services which lead me to an entire new world in Cambodia. I am currently focusing on brushing up my business skills while learning from my business mentor. Make sure you stay tuned I can’t wait to share what’s coming next!