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Organic Suckies

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The Collective’s Organic Suckies range  includes Strawberry, Banana and Blueberry yoghurts that are guaranteed to give the kid's lunchboxes a BIG thumbs up!

Founded by two chefs, the yoghurts are vegetarian friendly, gluten free, time-efficient, extremely portable and of course, incredibly tasty for the family.

Highlights of the ‘Organic Suckies’ include:

  •     Not mass produced, the yoghurt is made in Australia with ingredients sourced directly from our local farms.
  •     Creamy, certified organic probiotic yoghurt blended with real fruit served in a portable patch with a child-friendly cap.
  •     A source of calcium with no added nasties like preservatives ‘n’ stuff!
  •     Support recycling in Australia, The Collective have partnered with REDcycle Australia for a green disposal option for used and cleaned Suckies pouches.
  •     Freezable, highly compatible with lunchboxes.
  •     Vegetarian friendly and gluten free.

The Organic Suckies range is currently available at Woolworths. RRP: $1.50 for 70g.