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FamilyEye is a parental control service activated on iOS and Android devices via mobile app. It is a simple yet powerful monitoring tool that protects kids while online, with settings easily accessible to monitor and review from the platform’s online dashboard.

Powered by Optus 4G network. 

    FamilyEye was founded on the principles of protect, monitor, track and empower, and includes the following features:

  •         Protect: manages social media use, controls in-app purchases, prevents camera and video usage, and removes adult content from accessed websites to ensure safe browsing.
  •         Monitor: manages screen time, and provides family usage activity reports and alerts – including reports on children’s online behaviour and websites accessed.
  •         Track: features live location tracking, providing parents with the power to set up geographical ‘Safe Zone’ locations and receive real-time updates on children’s whereabouts.
  •         Empower: makes safer and healthier internet use for families, easier. Parents have peace of mind when children are online, with the app removing the need for kids to “check in” – ultimately empowering both parents and children.
  •     FamilyEye offers a free one-month trial, with ongoing monthly monitoring starting from $5 per child, per month, which can be cancelled at any time.

Prices start from $5 per month.