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Terrific Treats - Dr Joanna Recipes

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Most of us enjoy a sweet treat, at least every now and then, and you absolutely can as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Keeping your eye on the big picture of your overall diet is key, rather than obsessing over one food or even one meal. 

Why not enjoy these delicious recipes: 

1. Hummingbird Cake 

2. Cherry Ricotta Tarts 

3. Date & Dark Seed Chocolate Cups 

4. Apple & Fig Tart with Wholemeal Crust 

5. Chai Spiced Oat & Seed Cookies 

6. Cacao & Pomegranate Chia Mousse 

7. Cocoa Tahini Puffed Slice 

8.Labne Cheesecakes with Summer Fruits 

9. Cocoa Fruit & Nut Slice 

10. Prune & Almond Puddings 

11. Pineapple & Mango Mojito Popsicles 

12. Orange Yoghurt Panna Cotta with Baked Vanilla Rhubarb 

13. Teff Choc Chip Cookies 

14. Spiced Pumpkin Custard Tart 

15. Hazelnut Cocoa Spread