BabyLove Nappy Pants

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The nappy gods have answered our mummy prayers! BabyLove have created the perfect nappy – it doesn’t sag around bub’s knees, won’t leave red chaffing marks (courtesy of chaffing side tabs) and you’ll be able to pop it on in a flash! That’s right, these BabyLove Nappy Pants wont sag thanks to the 360 degree stretchy waistband – which means you can pull your toddler’s nappy up while they are standing, lying, balancing on one leg … The 360 degree stretchy waistband also ensures a comfy, snuggly fit and alleviates side-tabs rubbing or digging in to your little one’s skin. And with 12 hour absorbency, you – and your little one – might even get a full night’s sleep! 

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Available in 4 sizes – Wriggler (7-11kg), Toddler (9-14kg), Walker(12-17kg) and Junior (15-25kg) RRP $16.99 for Bulk Pack, $27.00 for Jumbo Pack