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Rascal+Friends are premium unisex nappies made from the highest quality materials, and designed with innovative features that help prevent explosions and leaks while providing comfort and exceptional functionality. The design is made up of a unique deep pocket to reduce the likelihood of overflow; a soft curved leg cuff for a comfortable fit; a 3D leak guard and absorption channel which increase absorbency by 40%; a high back waistband; and a breathable back sheet with air circulation to keep the skin dry. And unlike other nappy brands, Rascal + Friends contains no unwanted ingredients such as lotions, fragrances, formaldehyde, chlorine bleaching and latex. 

Sizes: Newborn (3kg-5kg), Infant (4kg-8kg), Crawler (6kg-11kg), Toddler (10kg-15kg), Walker (13kg-18kg), Junior (16kg+). Stocked exclusively in Coles nationally.