Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s unusual baby name will shock us all!

Move over Chicago West!

November 08 2018

What will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle call their new baby?

The couple are tipped to give the new royal bub an unforgettable name for one simple reason - they aren't under the same pressure as Kate Middleton and Prince William to chose a classic name.

The royal children George, Charlotte, and Louis were all given names that are fit for the throne but  according to royal expert Carolyn Harris, the Queen is likely to allow a more unique name for Harry and Meghan's baby than she would for William and Kate.

The Queen has to approve the name of each child born in the royal family in line with royal tradition.

Harris, who authored Raising Royalty: 1,000 Years of Royal Parenting, told Vogue Australia: 'The further down the line of succession, the more likely you are to have a more unique or untraditional name.'

'We see, from the diversity of names among the queen’s descendants, that the queen does seem willing to allow the descendants to choose their own names,' she added. 





So does this mean we will see a Jermajesty? A Jaydenn or a Jayla? Probably not. But Princess Beatrice is eighth in line and Princess Eugenie is ninth in line - both names aren't common!

Meghan was born in LA where names like Saint, Chicago or Sparrow are very common, and she was so keen to have a more unusual name she ditched her own first name Rachel in favour of her middle name Meghan!

Royal experts predict that neither Prince Harry or Meghan will go for a baby with a name as traditional as Emma or James, so who knows what they will come up with?! Stay tuned!